Episode 1 What is aquaponics?

Episode 1 What is aquaponics?
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In this episode, Dr. Storey explains what Aquaponics Academy is and what you can look forward to in future podcasts, as well as reviewing the three basic groups involved in aquaponics: fish, plants, and microbes.






Show Notes

Future podcasts will include information on:

  • Functional aquaponic system design
  • Plant nutrients and nutrient additions
  • Fish needs in aquaponics
  • Plant needs in aquaponics
  • Aquaponic biology

What is aquaponics?

Aquaponics is an extension of hydroponics, or soil-less growing. In aquaponics, plant nutrients come from fish waste instead of a nutrient solution.

Who should do aquaponics?

Anyone. From small scale to large scale, aquaponics is possible in many configurations. You can design and customize your system however it fits you and your situation best.

The biggest obstacle to aquaponics growers is:

The biggest obstacle is lack of understanding. The goal of this podcast is to address that challenge and make it possible (and easy) for you to build a quality system the first time, with no expensive mistakes. You can download our “Top 10 Mistakes Aquaponic Growers Make” here.

We’re so excited to finally launch this aquaponics podcast. It’s a first of it’s kind and we’re going to pack as much value as we can into each episode.

Remember, aquaponics can be an incredible way to grow veggies, whether on a small commercial sale or merely for your own pleasure as a hobby system. Because aquaponics is a relatively new concept, there can be a lot of confusion and hype. We hope you’ll take it upon yourself to always do your homework before jumping into any “magic pill” system designs that have yet to prove themselves and will just end up costing you time, money and your excitement for the concept.

We’ll have more Aquaponics Academy episodes airing each week so be sure to subscribe on iTunes!

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  1. Great podcast! Thanks for putting out this information. I like the new format!

    • Thanks Lisa! Great to hear you like it so far. So much more awesomeness to come!

  2. I’m having trouble downloading your podcasts. I could access the first one directly through the FB link, but can’t download through ITunes. I don’t think the problem is on my end, but could be wrong. Thanks.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Sorry for the hassle! iTunes is crushing our hopes and dreams right now, but we’re in the process of getting it fixed. Keep tuning in here and we’ll be able to allow downloads/subscribers on iTunes soon!

      Thanks for your patience.

  3. Love your instructionals! So helpful. I’m just beginning and am going slow. My biggest challenge is space and MN WEATHER.

  4. The entries in the RSS feed are only links back to pages like this one, not the actual podcast files (OGG, MP3, etc). I believe proprietary programs like iTunes and Flash Player are not conducive to a free society. Would you be willing to provide us with a direct link to the files? Preferably in a freedom respecting format like OGG. If that’s not possible then MP3 is adequate, and I’ll convert it myself.

    I realize this may seem like an odd request if you’re unaware of the ethical issues in running proprietary software, but please indulge me. I know many others will also be grateful.


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